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DATEV Unternehmen Online

D.U.O. will provide you with digital assistance in preparing your book-keeping and payroll accounting as well as your company business processes.

D.U.O. basic function: Documents Online

DATEV Unternehmen Online enables digital transfer of receipts, data and supporting documents around the clock – in paperless form.


Scan your documents at your company premises or take a photo via an app wherever you happen to be. The files are then stored in such a way that they are safe from alteration (tax authority-compliant within ten days).

Pertinent data such as invoice date or invoice amount are detected automatically on scanning by a self-learning OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Data recognition is optimised on an ongoing basis by a self-teaching program. Keyword can be indexed easily online.

The original documents remain at your company premises or are destroyed while you retain worldwide access to your digitalised documents at all times.


You upload the digital documents and we view the data at our consultancy. Subsequently your bookkeeping will be updated according to your agreement with us.

As a rule it will be updated monthly though weekly or even daily is also possible.

Security and data protection by client login

Unternehmen Online provides password-protected book-keeping, management of data and documents and secure data transfer between your company and our tax consultancy.

For the secure “MyDATEV” area, you will need a DATEV SmartCard or a DATEV SmartLogin. Access to data for your employees can be individually defined as required.


The latest company figures, financial accounting or personnel management evaluations can be viewed at all times (24/7) worldwide.

In or outsourcing

Unternehmen Online’s modular set-up enables step-by-step integration and use of additional system modules. An agreement is reached on which accountancy activities you wish to perform at your company and which you want us to handle.

DUO – additional functions

Besides digitalisation and processing of supporting documents, DUO can be expanded to include additional functions:

Bank Online: Enables you to view your bank accounts online. Check your account transactions online in just one click. You can view unpaid or paid invoices online, make payments directly from a scanned image of the invoice document and perform bank transfers for customers automatically.

Kassenbuch Online: Online cash ledger. Cash receipt records can be assigned to accounts in advance and processed online in order to keep your accounting up-to-date. In doing so, your entries will be supported by ongoing checks (for minus amounts, chronological order and completeness) thereby ensuring compliance with relevant requirements. 

Auftragswesen Online: Order management. Create sales documents wherever you happen to be, whether these are offers, invoices or reminders. Simple transfer of all documents to the next processing stage e.g. an offer can be converted directly into an invoice.

Lohn und Gehalt Vorerfassung Online: Preliminary recording of wages and salaries online: You can make preliminary records of all data required for wage and salary accounting and make this available to us for further processing. After completing your wage and salary accounting, we can then make your payment orders available for your approval online.

Despite careful collection of data, we cannot guarantee the correctness of all information shown. Should you have any particular questions on one of the topics, we are available for a personal consultation at all times.

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With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy

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