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Tax Advisors

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For some, it's an inconvenient task they are obliged to carry out while for others it forms the basis for company management.

If you view accounting as a cumbersome task the tax office forces you to do, we'll help reduce your personal involvement in this mandatory exercise to a minimum. An individual agreement will be reached on quite what this minimum constitutes, depending on both your own personal dislikes and available costs.

Once your business activities reach a certain level of complexity, accounting becomes a basis for all owners of a business. Here too, our aim will be to design the cooperation to make it is as effective as possible. Depending on their wishes and the possibilities open to our clients, this cooperation may range from processing an ordered collection of receipts or journals already in electronic form to in-house monitoring of accounting that clients carry out by themselves for the most part.

Where bookkeeping is key to management of the company, besides an accompanying consultation, we can also offer our clients a sophisticated range of tools for management control and analysis. As well as standard evaluations, depending on the individual agreement, this may include:

  • graphical representation of the profit situation and cost structure
  • comparisons of previous years or multiple periods
  • detailed representation of open items
  • key figure analyses as an early warning system or as part of a company comparison
  • evaluations tailored to individual needs
  • cost centre accounting
  • target/actual comparisons
  • contribution margin accounting
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